Sherri K.

Sherri K.


“Tender and defiant”

Guy Lodge, Variety



Dayton, OH



Director of Photography



Claire Best & Associates


Sherri is an Emmy award-winning Director of Photography. Her work airs on Netflix, CBS, A&E; has screened at SXSW, Frameline, Guadalajara IFF and featured in American Cinematographer Magazine. "Winning the day" vs simply making the day is her team goal. She is an alumna of the American Film Institute.

I am drawn to regular people challenged to deeply understand themselves thru confrontations with others or landscape. This character journey becomes my cinematography.

I like to work with Directors who are curious, have a point of view, are open to risks and enjoy communicating ideas. I like working with Directors who see their cinematographer as both a co-adventurist and a treasure trove of on-set knowledge.

I like working with Producers who are transparent about resources; engages the DP in cost vs value conversations; and see me as an ally in delivering on time, on budget and with value. My relationship with the producer is as important as my relationship with the director.

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“Charismatic…quietly revolutionary”

Wendy Ide, Screen International

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“Strikingly beautiful”

Emily Votruba, The Second Pass



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